Screw and Press Capper (PCP-12) is specially designed for easy and simple operation with an user-friendly.

As Screw and Press Capper is used for capping the cap on the bottle in automation,

this machine screws and presses caps with In-clined roller conveyor.


Applied to cGMP regulation.

Applied to supply shortage sensor and uncapped bottle sensor.

Easy adjustment of the distance of capping roller and side belt by

  Indicating hand wheel.

Applied to computer system.

CE Certification.


  Operation on Touch Monitor  

Operation through sounding aqua button

Animation shows the status of operation

Height of head and supply feeder are adjusted on touch screen.

Speed and all functions which related to operation are controlled on

  touch screen.

Simple changeover between press capping type and screw capping

  type by the button on touch screen.

Error message on touch screen with alarm sound and lamp lighting

Saving all product information into database

               PCP-12 SCREW AND PRESS CAPPER





Approx. 60~120Bottles/Min.

Sachet Size

15~40mm(W), 20~70mm(L)

Bottle Size

Outer diameter Ø25~100, Height 40mm~200mm


Touch monitor / PLC / Embeded Computer

Air pressure



Three phase, 220V, 50/60Hz




Approx. 650Kg

  * The above specification can be changed depending on actual product

     (bottle) size, shape, quality and other conditions




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