Unscrambler(PUS-12) is specially designed for easy and simple operation with an user-friendly. Unscrambler is used for arranging the bottles with air-cleaning on the conveyor in automation.


Applied to cGMP regulation.

Applicable to various sizes and shapes of bottles.

Equipped with Ionization air cleaner

Each parts setting by means of simple adjusting of  lever and fine tuning

   by digital indicator.

Applied to computer system.

CE Certification.


  Operation on Touch Monitor  

Operation through sounding aqua button

In-line camera shows the real time status of the bottle turn table

Error message on touch screen with alarm sound and lamp lighting

Speed and all functions which related to operation are controlled on touch


Setting data for every bottle are saved into database through touch screen

 . According to the bottle choice the speed of elevator, turn table and

   transfer conveyor is automatically changed.

Operation history shows product name, operation time and operator as the

   form of graph or text on the screen. (Print system in optional item).





Approx. 60~150Bottles/Min.

Bottle Shape

Circular / Square

Bottle Size

Outer diameter Ø25~100, Height 40mm~200mm


Touch monitor / PLC / Embeded Computer

Hopper capacity


Air pressure



Three phase, 220V, 50/60Hz




Approx. 700Kg

  * The above specification can be changed depending on actual product (bottle) size, shape, quality

     and other conditions



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